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Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed Extradition Papers

Matted with Authentic FDR Campaign Poster

    This is a Franklin D. Roosevelt signed official document of the State of New York releasing prisoner Frank Edgeworth "a fugitive from justice" to the custody of a Massachusetts Marshal on requisition of the Massachusetts Governor.  This is what is called an extradition paper and it has both the official gold seal of the State of New York and is signed by the Governor's legal counsel, Samuel Rosenman, who went on to work for both FDR and President Truman and became the first White House Legal Counsel.  Along with the extradition paper signed by FDR as Governor of New York.

    The extradition paper and poster are matted together ready for framing. They are covered with Mylar to protect them, but both may easily be removed and put to whatever use the purchaser may wish.

The extradition paper signed by Roosevelt is about 8 x 11" and the entire matted paper and campaign poster are a little less than 16 x 26". A very nice clean document and a very clear big signature from FDR that would be a wonderful item for any Presidential collector.


I have a few more of these official FDR signed documents that I am working on pairing with a nice FDR image.