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In this section of the web site are items relating to the law, lawyers, judges and legal history, which naturally focuses on the United States Supreme Court. The items include autographs, documents, prints, law books, newspapers, and other historical memorabilia. There are also law related items in other sections, for instance the  Connecticut section often has autographs and other documents concerning Connecticut's legal history. Chief Justice William Howard Taft, was a former President of the United States, so some items concerning his political career are in the political memorabilia section.

Below are some of the items in our inventory, with the first page below devoted to Supreme Court autographs; the second page has books, magazines, newspapers, and other printed items, including those concerning the United States Constitution; and the third page has prints and photographs . Please click on the titles or pictures to get more information, pictures and prices.


Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth


Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth 1776 Revolutionary War Signed Document

Pays for Saltpetre to Make Gunpowder for Continental Army 2 Days Before Independence Proposed in Continental Congress



Chief Justice William Howard Taft

Framed William Howard Taft Letter Discusses Judicial Appointments

Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes

Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes Supreme Court Letter

Charles Evans Hughes 1921 Letter as Secretary of State To Peruvian Ambassador Pezet

Nice Content Letter From Charles Evans Hughes About His Legal Activities As Supreme Court Special Master Deciding a Major Environmental Case in 1927

Turns Down University of Vermont Commencement Address to Handle Chicago Case and Give Argument in Richmond

Woodrow Wilson's Attorney General and Court Appointee

Justice James C. McReynolds 1915 Signed Card

FDR Nominees Justices Felix Frankfurter, Hugo Black and Robert Jackson

Justice Felix Frankfurter 1939 Signed Letter to Former Student Written Two Weeks After Being Sworn in As Supreme Court Justice.

Justice Felix Frankfurter 1940 Letter on Supreme Court Stationary

1958 Justice Frankfurter Signed Postal Cover Honoring First Chief Justice John Jay

Justice Hugo L. Black Signed Postal Cover Honoring the 150th Anniversary of the Judicial Branch

Justice Hugo L. Black 1958 Signed Postal Cover Honoring Chief Justice John Jay

Justice Robert H. Jackson 1948 Signed Postal Cover Honoring Justice Harlan Fiske Stone

 Chief Justice Earl Warren

Chief Justice Earl Warren

Signed Legal First Day Covers


Chief Justice Earl Warren Signed Letter As Governor of California

Signed California Centennial First Day Cover

President Kennedy's Nominee Justice Byron White

Supreme Court Justice Byron White Accepts "the word from Calvin Coolidge"

Justice White Signed First Day Cover Honoring Justice Arthur Goldberg And 200th Anniversary of Supreme Court

Justice White Signed Supreme Court Chambers Card

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist

Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist Signs His Early Court Biography and Picture

Chief Justice Rehnquist Signed Cover Commemorating 200th Anniversary of Supreme Court

Chief Justice Rehnquist Signed Supreme Court Chambers Card

William H. Rehnquist Signed Card


Lewis F. Powell, Jr.

Signed First Day Postal Cover Honoring Oliver Wendell Holmes


 Justice Sandra Day O'Connor Signed Chamber Card

The Current Supreme Court Signed Justice Portraits
(click on image for larger picture and price)

Justice David Souter

Justice Clarence Thomas


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg



Justice Stephen Breyer





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