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1921 Letter From Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes to Peru's Ambassador to the United States Concerning Boundary Dispute

Secretary of State Hughes and Peruvian Ambassador Pezet

This is a crisp letter from Charles Evans Hughes as Secretary of State to Don Frederico Alfonso Pezet, the Ambassador of Peru to the United States. Peru had evidently been lobbying the State Department on a matter, as Secretary Hughes refers to "the subject matter of the informal memorandum you left with me" and Secretary Hughes responds by transmitting a press release of the Department issued on August 3, 1921. Based on some reading and perusing of the web, the matter likely involved border disputes between Bolivia, Chile and Peru and that the Peruvian ambassador was requesting the intervention of the United States to mediate or arbitrate the dispute. See e.g., http://www.boliviaweb.com/mar/sea/chapter7.htm

In 1921 and earlier, even with the League of Nations in existence since January 1920, America was recognized as a critical player in resolving disputes in the Americas. Indeed, in the month Hughes referred to, August 1921, the United States sent troops to Central America to resolve a boundary dispute between Panama and Costa Rica. This official correspondence offered here between Peru and the United States is an example of the role played by the United States.

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