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Earl Warren Signed Letter As Governor of California

Future Controversial Chief Justice Makes Appointment


Earl Warren was a very controversial Chief Justice of the United States where he enacted most of the liberal social and legal agenda through the Supreme Court, but he was a far less controversial Governor of California when he signed the document offered here in 1945. His reputation as a prosecutor and popular three term Governor enabled him to become a Republican candidate for President three years later in 1948, which caused Time Magazine to publish his picture on the cover (offered separately here). That year the Republican party honored him as their nominee for Vice President on a ticket headed by Thomas Dewey.  They appeared to be a shoo-in four months before the election but Harry Truman surprised everyone and won reelection.

But Warren's thirst for politics was not slacked and when President Eisenhower appointed him Chief Justice in 1953 he began his reign as the Supreme Court's leading politician by enacting social change through the Court. That judicial activism earned him idolation among liberals and disdain among those who embraced the previous American legal tradition of following the words of the Constitution rather than crafting new judicially enacted social policies. Some of the latter group joined the Impeach Earl Warren campaign.

Below is a picture of the 1945 letter Warren signed appointing Frank Tower to the Board of Directors of the 39th District Agricultural Association. Also included, but not pictured is the commission and oath of office Warren refers to in the letter.

The Earl Warren signed letter on State of California Governor's Office stationary and the commission and oath  are included and would look nice framed with the Time magazine cover.

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