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Vice Presidential Candidate Earl Warren On Time Magazine Cover

This Time Magazine cover (not the full issue) dated September 27, 1948 pictures a smiling Earl Warren with a big yellow sun in the background with the face of a GOP elephant and the title "CANDIDATE EARL WARREN" and below that " Is the campaign an outmoded phenomenon?" Warren was the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States on the ticket headed by Thomas Dewey, who on the date of this issue was leading on the polls in the campaign to unseat President Harry S Truman. Truman pulled an amazing upset so Dewey and Warren were sent packing.

In 1952 Warren was a candidate for President but threw his support to Eisenhower at the Republican National Convention, thereby getting in the good graces with Eisenhower who promised Warren his first appointment to the Supreme Court. True to his word, although he had to be reminded of his promise, Eisenhower appointed Warren Chief Justice in 1953. Thus politics was critical to Warren's elevation to the highest judicial position in the land and politics was important to solidifying the liberal coalition he headed and helped him to convert the Supreme Court into the primary enactor of progressive social policies, a function heretofore performed by elected officials in American constitutional democracy. 

This cover would frame nicely with a Warren autograph or alone.

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