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1849 Inauguration of Zachary Taylor

Historic Newspaper Includes Compete Inauguration Speech of President Taylor and Editorial

California Gold Rush Guides and Advertisements!

    This historic newspaper provides President's Taylor's complete inaugural address of March 5, 1849, which by today's standards is blessedly short, and editorial comments on the inauguration.  Zachary Taylor was a member of the Whig Party, as was Abraham Lincoln (then at the end of his one term as Congressman from Illinois) and Robert E. Lee, an Army Captain.  Both were named as managers of the Taylor inauguration and later were historic adversaries. The newspaper editors were Democrats who thus had little good to say about Taylor or the Whigs, commenting on the speech that, "It is short and we do not see any thing very sweet about it for any one").

Below are portions of the newspaper's editorial on Taylor inauguration and Taylor's inaugural address.


  1849 was also the time of the famous California gold rush, and the newspaper gives plenty of evidence of the frenzy to get to California to share in the riches.  Below is a picture of a front page advertisement for a guide to discovering gold.  There are also ads for sailing vessels leaving for California from New London, Connecticut and joint ventures forming to capitalize on the gold rush.

The March 8, 1849 New London Daily Morning Star is complete and has four pages.

Price: $65

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