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1957 Inaugural Program in Pristine Condition

Cover Portraits by Norman Rockwell

    This historic inaugural program is in as good a condition as it gets.  It still has the white paper guards on the front and back and the original envelope, which together have protected it for 52 years. The cover portraits of President Dwight David Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Milhouse Nixon were drawn by the famous illustrator Norman Rockwell, as noted on the inside cover.

Below is the title page for the program.

Unusually informal for the 1950s, the program highlights the First Lady and Mrs. Nixon as Mamie and Pat.

The article on the inaugural ball shown below has the First Lady and Mrs. Nixon in their ball dresses and features a depiction of America's founders at a ball, a print entitled Lady Washington’s Reception or “Republican Court In The Time of Washington" taken from the painting by Daniel Huntington in the Brooklyn Museum. A nice example of the post Civil War stipple and line engraving is available in our inventory of antique prints.

Vice President Nixon's picture and description are shown below.

Like most inaugural programs, this one provides some history, this one focusing on Abraham Lincoln, "First Republican President of the United States."

The program also pictures each President, including all the 20th Century presidents shown below.

This historical program is in pristine condition and memorializes a successful eight year Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Price: $45/ SOLD