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Theodore Roosevelt Dramatic Rough Rider on Horse Tin Plate

This is a dramatic color lithographed tin tray measuring 14 x 16" that has Theodore Roosevelt in his custom designed Brooks Brothers army uniform riding a galloping horse with his arm raised with a sword, ready for battle. Roosevelt rose to national fame after his heroic efforts in the Spanish American War in the seizure of San Juan Hill. The unit he raised and served with was known as the Rough Riders and they were composed of a diverse group of blue blood Ivy League college graduates and rough hewn Westerners that Roosevelt knew from his Dakota days. His popularity after the war in 1898 led to his election as Governor of New York and from their both Vice President and President of the United States.

This close-up of the bottom of the tin plate identifies the rider as "Teddy Roosevelt" a name disfavored by President Roosevelt. It also show the crossed swords and flags of the regiment in the Spanish American War that Roosevelt raised to fight in the War, the First Regiment United States Volunteers (USV), also known as the Rough Riders.

Theodore Hake has this item listed at $740 in his 2004 update to Book III of his political memorabilia pricing guide. This example has some scratches and edge wear but it still makes a very nice appearance. We have made a reduction from the list price as reflected below.

Price: $400

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