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United States and Canada Maps and Views

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"An Accurate Map of the West Indies. Exhibiting Not Only All the Islands Possess'd by the English, French, Spaniards & Dutch, but also All the Towns and Settlements on the Continent of America Adjacent thereto"

Includes the present United States from Virginia to Florida and West as far as East Texas and all of the Caribbean and Central America.



"A View of the Town and Castle of St. Augustine, and the English Camp before it June 20. 1740. By Thos. Silver"


" A New Map or Chart of the Western or Atlantic Ocean, with Part of Europe Africa & America: Shewing the Course of the Galleons, Flota &c. to and from the West Indies."





"A New Chart of the Coast of New England, Nova Scotia New France or Canada, with the Islands of Newfoundld. Cape Breton St. John's &c. Done from the Original Publish'd in 1744. At Paris. By Monsr. N. Bellin"


"A Plan of the Harbour of Chebucto and Town of Halifax"

The famous "porcupine" map



"A Map of the British American Plantations, Extending from Boston in New England to Georgia; Including All the Back Settlements in the Respective Provinces, as Far as the Mississippi"

Spectacular map is part of complete 40 page July 1754 issue of Gentleman's Magazine which includes a very early published account of 23 year old George Washington's first and second military expeditions leading to French and Indian War.




"A General Map of the Discoveries of Admiral de Fonte & Others, by M. De l'Isle"

Map includes Alaska, California and the fabled Northwest Passage, still believed possible in 1754



"A Map of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland with part of New Jersey & c."

This map also includes all or parts of present day Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.



"A MAP of that part of AMERICA which was the Principal Seat of War in 1756"

This map pictures all or parts of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and the populated parts of Canada. 


"A Plan of the City & Harbour of Louisburg; Shewing that Part of Gabarus Bay in which the English Landed, also their Encampment during the Siege in 1745"

Map pictures Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia as well as a close view of Louisburg


"A Map of the Country between Crown Point and Fort Edward"

This map pictures the area of New York and Vermont where Sir William Johnson had his first military victory during the French and Indian War. The area was later infamous for the Indian massacre after the British surrender of Fort William Henry.



"A Map of the Island of Orleans with the Environs of Quebec"


"An Authentic Plan of the River St Laurence, from Sillery to the Falls of Montmorency"


"A Particular Map, to Illustrate Gen. Amhersts, Expedition, to Montreal; with a Plan of the Town & Draught of ye Island"

This map is three maps in one and shows the final battle scenes in the French and Indian War which were fought in Northern New York and Canada. It has inset maps of the Montreal area and a Montreal city plan.

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