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Death of George Washington and Boston Testimonials

Black Bordered January 1800 Russell's Gazette Full of Honors for George Washington

This complete and original January 13, 1800 Russell's Gazette is full of tributes to George Washington after his death and contains an extensive series of reports on the official Boston ceremonies highlighted by one of the more famous eulogies to Washington by Judge George Minot. Above on the right is the left is a picture of the black bordered front page and to the right is the report on the Berwick, Massachusetts ceremonies in which the eulogy to Washington was given by Benjamin Greene.

Below are some of the reports on the extensive Boston ceremonies, beginning with the report of the procession and then a report on the Eulogy delivered by Judge Minot.


The most extensive report on the Boston ceremonies is on the last of four pages. Inside the paper is also full of reports and all the columns are black bordered as shown by the photograph below. The newspaper has some tears and chips along the edges and a prior owner has taped the inside edges with clear tape which we believe is removable (we've removed it from other newspapers) but will leave to the new owner. As shown by all the pictures above and below, the newspaper is in far better condition than you would expect from one over 200 years old.

The newspaper also contains a report on a ship launched just two years earlier, the U.S.S. Constitution,  and a sailor, Captain Christopher Perry father of two naval heroes who gained fame in the War of 1812 (Oliver) and the opening of Japan to the West (Matthew).

Here are some more excerpts in the newspaper on George Washington's then very recent death.

Black bordered George Washington death newspapers published within a few weeks of his death are very rare and this one is better condition than most of the few surviving.

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