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Guide to 1933 Inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John Nance Garner

Washington Chamber of Commerce Guide to the Inaugural and City

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This is a guide to the historic Presidential Inauguration of 1933 of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as President and John Nance Garner as Vice President. The cover of this Washington Chamber of Commerce publication is shown above and the contents are shown below. In addition to articles on the inauguration are a plethora of pictures of the government buildings and scenes in Washington. With the advent of FDR and the New Deal the federal government for the first time became the truly dominant force in America, supplanting the states and even local government as the most important government to many citizens. This publication gives great pictures of the venues of power as they existed in early 1933 before the great expansion, and city at that time both was quaint and magisterial. Under FDR, and with the massive increase in federal power occasioned by the Depression and World War II, Washington, D.C. was transformed into a truly world capital.  This is a nice item for both political, historic or Washington, D. C. collectors.

The publication is in nice shape, with signs of age and wear on the edges of the cover you would expect and the interior in great condition.


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