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Three Original 1850s Native American Indian Prints

 "Rio Colorado Near The Mojave Villages"

Three Views of the Colorado River Crossing Showing Methods of Transportation and Trading With Indians

View No. 1 "from the left bank looking W. N. W

View No. 2 "from an Island looking north"

View No. 3 "from the right bank looking East"

These three authentic prints from the 1850s of the Colorado River separating Arizona and California would make a nice set on your walls. We see in these views boats with cargo and people being rope-towed across the Colorado River, Indians poling a raft, and Indians and expedition men trading and talking against the backdrop of the virgin California and Arizona landscape. Each of them have the same title, Rio Colorado Near The Mojave Villages, with different perspectives on the same scene. All three prints have markings on the upper margin that say "U.S.P.R.R. EXP. (United States Pacific Railroad Expedition) & SURVEYS, 35th PARALLEL" and "TOPl. (Topographical) REPORT" and on the bottom margin "Drawn by J. J. Young from a sketch by A. H. Campbell" and  "Lith. of Sarony, Major & Knapp, New York." Each print then provides the title below the margin with the view number (1 though 3) and the perspective (e.g., "from the left bank looking WNW").

The three prints are all matted to a standard frame size of 11 x 14 inches so you can avoid the expense of custom framing and it comes in a protective clear plastic bag, an example of which is shown below with a light reflection off the clear plastic.

This is a wonderful set of colored lithographs providing early views of Arizona and California with Indians and explorers.

Price: $175

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