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Title:    Americans Will Always Fight For Liberty

Comments:  This is one of my favorite images and themes. World War II soldiers with an American Flag patch on their arm are seen marching, eyes right, looking at massed Revolutionary War soldiers. The text identifies the years 1778 and 1943 and gives the cause of their fighting: "Americans will always fight for liberty."  This is the only war poster that visually associates the WW2 war effort with the American Revolution. This poster was issued by the U.S. Office of War Information. A larger format version was also issued.

Artist:    Bernard Perlin

Date:   1943

Size:    22" x 28"                  

Condition: Very good, shrink wrapped, usual folds, only defect is two small holes at fold (which you can see by picture at left, are barely, if at all, visible).

Price: SOLD

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