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Title:    Drive That Wedge To Victory

Comments:  This poster has a wonderful image of a wedge being driven into the Nazi swastika. After Dunkirk and the Blitzkrieg began, Americans opened their homes, hearts and wallets to the British and among the volunteer organizations formed was the  British American Ambulance Corps. This poster was a recruitment poster for the Ambulance Corps and very few of these remain (None are on the Internet).

The President of the Ambulance Corp, noted on the poster was  Wall Street professional, William V. C. Ruxton, who is more famous for having a 1920s automobile named after him despite the fact that he was not an investor in it. I've provided a picture of a Ruxton below.

Artist:    H. Gilbert Levine

Date:   C. 1940

Size:  19 x 24                    

Condition: Good, unbacked, with some edge tears and paper loss on top left corner as shown.

Price: SOLD

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1929 Ruxton 4 Door Sedan
Note the unusual shaped headlights with matching
parking lights on the fenders. The car was the idea of
Archie Andrews who served on the board of Hupp Motor Car
and designed by Joseph Ledwinka. Some 500 Ruxtons were built
by Moon Motor Cars in 1929 and 1930.