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First International Newspaper Mention of George Washington in June 1754

Major George Washington's First First Military Expedition to Request French to Abandon Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh)

Extensive report of expedition from Williamsburg, VA to Ohio River

This amazing extensive report is the first international publicity the famous George Washington received.  It is an account of his journey into the wilderness from Williamsburg, Virginia to the French fort (Fort Duquesne) in what is now downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This account is based on Washington's report to Governor Dinwiddie and it contains numerous references to Washington, as shown below.  This fascinating account made George Washington well known in Great Britain, as shown by the references to him in the July and September issues of Gentleman's Magazine.  Above is a picture of the start of the report and below are the top of two of the three pages that follow.


Below is the table of contents from this issue, with the George Washington expedition described as "Journey from Williamsburgh to the French fort on the Ohio."

Below is the title page of this issue. There is one plate showing care for a fracture of an Achilles tendon. As shown above, the issue has a diverse variety of articles on science, natural history and literature.

This historic account should be owned by all Americana and George Washington collectors.  It records the first significant accomplishment of the Father of our Country and his first public mention in Europe.

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