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Colonel George Washington's First Military Victory at Jumonville Glen

Reports on "American Contests" That Led to French and Indian War

Washington's First Expedition and Military Engagement Described

This great issue of Gentleman's Magazine published in July, 1754 records the first two major accomplishments of the Father of our Country, his expedition into the wilderness to convince the French to abandon Fort Duquesne and his subsequent military battle with a French detachment which resulted in his first military victory. In the article entitled "American Contests Stated" George Washington's military rank is described a "Major" and then "Captain" but he was a colonel in the Virginia militia.  These events directly led to the French and Indian War which started in the following year.

Below on the left is an except which describes Washington's assignment by Governor Dinwiddie to the expedition to the French fort to "require them, in a solemn manner, to withdraw from the banks of the Ohio, which they were persisting to fortify." A more extensive account of the major expedition is provided in the previous month's issue of Gentleman's Magazine. The excerpt on the right below describes the military battle/skirmish at Jumonville Glen.  That battle in turn led the French to descend in force on Washington in the Great Meadow and led to Washington's capitulation at Fort Necessity, which is described at length in another issue we are offering.


The contents below show the reference to the Washington article as "American contests stated." There is much other interesting news and articles, form "Shakespeare's Jew," to an article on bees, astronomical questions directed to Dr. Halley (of Halley's Comet fame) and new books and poems. The July 1754 magazine is disbound and in very readable condition as shown in these pictures. There is a split at the spine but it does not distract from reading and enjoyment.

Below are an article and graphic on opening the cornea and a full page plate on wagons and bees. The called for foldout map is not present.

This wonderful historic issue records the first two major accomplishments of George Washington at a formative age when he first became known to the reading public as a brave and bold product of colonial Virginia.

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